Ranish Human Capital (P) Ltd

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Ranish Human Capital deeply understands the challenges associated with talent acquisition, from inconsistent processes and technologies that drive up costs and push back deadlines to insufficient metrics that lead to imprecise decision-making.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Knowledge is a Basic Ingredient for Successful Recruitment. The right information available at the right time is Essence. Quality of Hiring Attributes Long Term Sustainability of the Candidate in the Organisation and Ability to Move up in Hierarchy Result Driven Approach – Focus on Goal, Outcome & Achievement to Addressed Unique The objective of the Client. We at Consortium Rely and Depend mainly on timely and Complete Information. Process Ensures Cumulative Information Acquisition knowledge-based Solutions. Dedicated Research Team, Rigorous and Exhaustive Mapping and Sourcing of Information. Compiling information for effective use by way of Analytical Interpretation

Our scalable, best-in-class approach to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) allows you to attract top people while reducing expenses and time to hire. To us, RPO is more than just outsourcing the recruitment process. It’s about building a partnership to discover and deliver the talent that will have the greatest impact on your business. Our customizable end-to-end solution combines recruiting expertise with state-of-the-art technology platforms and sophisticated methodologies to help clients streamline recruitment processes enhance the candidate experience and improve quality of hire. We see talent acquisition as a critical function of the business, one that impacts not just the bottom line but one that can also drive top-line growth.

Current Challenges

  • Dynamic Market Situation
  • Multiple Hires with Tight Deadline
  • Geographical Constraints on Mobility / Relocations
  • Organisation Culture & Employee Brand
  • Availability of Specialized Resources
  • Domain Knowledge & Capability of Search Partners

Approach to Proven Talent Solutions

  • Project Based Outsourcing Recruitment Solution
  • Dedicated Team with Strict Timelines
  • Streamline Process & Methodology
  • Workflow Driven Talent Acquisition Strategies
  • Cost Effective & Seamless Process
  • Building Employment Brand & to be a Partner of Choice
  • Quality of New Hires

Scope of Work

  • RPO as Internal Recruitment Function
  • Job Descriptions / Specifications
  • Sourcing of Suitable Profiles
  • Screening & Assessment of Candidates
  • Organising Interview & Logistics Arrangement
  • Selection & Offer of Appointments

Our Capability

  • Strong Domain Knowledge & Connect in Pharma Sector.
  • Ability to Transform Talent Acquisition function with a Collaborative approach
  • Delivering the Service to ensure Hassle-free Recruitment.
  • Evaluate and Modify the Recruitment Process to Deliver Quality Outcome.
  • Transfer Skill, Knowledge & Share Best Practices.
  • Improve Corporate Performance, Increase flexibility, Significant Cost Savings.

Our Service Includes:

  • Online and offline Advertising & Professional Networking;
  • Preparation of Profiles Specifications & Advert Writing;
  • Dedicated Talent Desk to Provide Seamless Service
  • Profiles Administration & Screening of Candidate Applications;
  • Candidate Initial Screening & Evaluation;
  • Sharing Profiles to HR / Hiring Managers;
  • Development of Clear Staffing Metrics leading to improved Hiring Practices.

Benefits to the Client / Organisation

  • Efficient & Process Driven Recruitment System.
  • Reduced Cost-Per-Hire and Time-to-Hire; 
  • Increased Quality-of-Hire through wider Search
  • Acquire the Best Talent in Competitive Marketplace;
  • Reduce Turn Around time to Hire & Cost Per Hire.
  • Reduction in Attrition and Improved Retention rates;
  • Building Employment Brand & be a Employer of Choice
  • HR to Focus on Strategic Agenda / HR Initiatives

Our Process & Methodology

A Strategic Approach for RPO Effectiveness & Business Impact

Ranish Human Capital Provides the Strategic Approach to Achieve Business Impact, introduce a best-Practice & Engagement Methodology that Spans Key Areas of Activity, Including:


  • Determine Workforce Planning Strategy;
  • Assess Employment Brand;
  • Identify Gaps and Inefficiencies.


  • Develop Recruitment Programs;
  • Set Project Timelines and Objectives;
  • Establish Project Team;
  • Establish Service Level Agreement and Key Performance Indicators.


  • Initiate Change Management and Communication;
  • Project Launch.
  • Dedicated Talent Desk


  • Manage Full-Lifecycle Recruitment;
  • Manage Sourcing and Recruitment Programs.

Performance Management

  • Conduct Program Reviews;
  • Identify Optimisation Opportunities;
  • Conduct Surveys and Communicate Results.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing-Expertise & Resources

Strategy & Planning

  • Workforce Planning;
  • Employment Brand Development;
  • Reporting Strategy, Planning and Execution;
  • Process Assessment and Optimisation.

Competency-Based Tools & Resources

  • Job Profiling;
  • Competency Modeling;
  • Interview Tools;
  • Candidate Assessment.


  • Employment Background Screening;
  • E-Reference Checking;
  • Best-In-Class Applicant Tracking;
  • Applicant Tracking System Administration, Training and Reporting;

Service & Delivery

  • Recruiting Program Design/Management;
  • Full-Lifecycle recruitment/Management;
  • Project Management with Continuous Improvement.